Fundraising – Flocking

What the Flock?

Would you like to Flock a neighbor? We think that Flocking will be a great, new community tradition where you can flock your neighbor with a lawn full of pink flamingos. Some reasons to flock are: birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, thank you, get well – any reason is a good reason to flock!

Surprise a friend or neighbor with a visit from a flock of our friendly flamingos!


How does it work? Fill out or Google Form and, once we receive your order form and donation, our volunteer flockers will stealthfully help the flock land on your neighbor’s lawn, front steps, or condo entrance.

After 48 hours, our volunteer Flamingo Removal Service will remove the flamingos. To arrange for early removal of the flamingos, please send us an email at Happy Flocking!