Committees on Safe Water & School Play Spaces Seek Parent Members

As part of its safety initiatives, the Montgomery County Council of PTAs (MCCPTA) has created two new committees and is seeking parent members. If you are interested in either committee, please contact Seneca Valley Cluster Coordinator Melissa Regan at

Safe Water Ad Hoc Committee
Recently, unsafe amounts of lead were found in water sources in many schools across Montgomery County, including Lake Seneca, where two water fountains tested above the acceptable limit. Any fixture testing above the 20 ppb threshold dictated by state law has been turned off and will be replaced. However, other fixtures can still corrode and leach lead into our students’ drinking water. Furthermore, many kids’ health organizations, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, puts the acceptable limit of lead much lower than 20 ppb. This committee will work with MCPS to make sure our children’s water is not harmful. Other chemicals and bacteria can also cause issues, and this committee will investigate those as well.

Fields Ad Hoc Committee
Many schools in Montgomery County have inadequate outdoor playing spaces. There is a special program in place to help elementary schools like Lake Seneca improve their play spaces, but implementation of that program has not been without problems. The committee will also address the issues of infill (zeolite) on high school artificial turf fields and the maintenance and equity of high school fields.

MCCPTA is composed of 193 local PT(S)As representing more than 200,000 students, parents, family members, teachers, staff, and administrators of Montgomery County Public Schools. MCCPTA’s priority is to ensure that every student feels safe, secure, and valued being exactly who they are, and that every student has the tools and supports they need to succeed regardless of income, race, ethnicity, native language, and learning style. To learn more, visit


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