New Safety and Security Drills

This year, in alignment with the Maryland Safe to Learn Act of 2018, all MCPS schools, including Lake Seneca, will train staff and students in an active assailant drill.

An active assailant drill is very similar to a Lockdown drill. In a Lockdown drill, the teacher locks the classroom door, covers the door window, and has the students sit alongside a wall out of view of the door, and remain silent. The new drill in MCPS is called a Lockdown with Options. The key element of this drill is to prepare staff and students to avoid and escape harm if they cannot get into a room that locks because they were out of the classroom for any reason. The expectation is that the student would exit the school to its boundary to avoid danger. During the first Lockdown with Options drill, students do not actually leave the school, but they are taught that they can exit as a way to ensure their safety.

On the day of a drill, counselors are available to support any student or staff member who expresses concerns or questions.

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