Lake Seneca Safe Routes Volunteer Needed

Are you concerned about pedestrian issues around Lake Seneca? Do you think some of the bus routes or bus stops need to be changed to be safer for kids? We could use your help!

The MCCPTA Safe Routes Committee is hoping to have a point person at every MCPS school.

As a Safe Routes parent volunteer you would be expected to:

  • Disseminate/forward information about county-wide issues regarding pedestrian and bus safety, including information about pending traffic safety legislation and policy changes.
  • Learn about Vision Zero, an initiative aimed at making roads safer for all kinds of travelers in the hope that we can have NO traffic fatalities by 2030. (We have both online info and will host some workshops/lectures.)
  • Alert the MCCPTA leadership about issues regarding traffic safety in your neighborhood.
  • Possibly work with your school’s administration to make changes that will enhance pedestrian safety for both walkers and bus riders as they arrive and leave each day.
  • Help share resources that could enhance safety.

This is a job you can do from home for just a few hours a year, mostly on your own schedule. But it could make a huge difference!

It is extremely important that we get representation from every part of the county, in order to better communicate to county officials effectively. Already, our newly formed committee has begun to identify some problems that seem to be happening at schools in both urban and suburban/rural districts. This kind of discovery is key; if we can identify these issues and effectively document them, we will be much more likely to get them changed and fixed.

If you would like to volunteer as Lake Seneca’s Safe Routes point person, please send an email to Committee Chair Alison Gillespie at

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