2019 Science Fair Registration Is Now Open!

Registration for the 2019 Lake Seneca Science Fair is now open!

All students in kindergarten through 5th grade are eligible to participate in the fair, which will take place from 6:45 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, April 26, 2019, in the Lake Seneca All Purpose Room.

The deadline to enter is Friday, April 5. Check your child’s folder for the entry form, or download it here:

English entry form
Spanish entry form

Your child should complete the bottom of the form and return it to his or her teacher.

Each project must include a standing tabletop display board that includes:

  • student name
  • grade
  • questions explored
  • other information related to the project

Tri-fold display boards are available by request and must be noted on the entry form. Students may also bring objects such as a model, sample, or related material to accompany the display. During the fair, they will have the opportunity to describe their projects and report their findings. Tips for preparing for the fair and information about setting up a display can be found in our Science Fair Guide, which you can download here.

Our goal is for students to gain experience exploring a topic in a fun, non-competitive atmosphere. Please help your student select a topic based on their abilities and interests. Ideas and topics for science fair projects can be found at:


Questions? Please contact Yesenia Díaz at president@lakesenecapta.com


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