Upcounty Boundary Study #2: Some Guidance

As many of you know, MCPS is currently conducting a boundary study with results that could impact Seneca Valley, Northwest, and Clarksburg High Schools, as well as the elementary and middle schools that feed into them, in the 2020-2021 school year. The study will evaluate three factors:

  • Demographics – students of diverse cultures and economic backgrounds
  • Geography – attending the school that is closest to your home
  • Facility Utilization – maximizing capacity of school (not being too under-enrolled or too over-enrolled)

Many community members in the Seneca Valley cluster (which includes Lake Seneca ES, Christa McAuliffe ES, Sally Ride ES, Waters Landing ES, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. MS, and Roberto Clemente MS) have been asking for assistance in completing the second boundary survey. The survey, which gives more options that move neighborhoods from Clarksburg and Northwest into the Seneca Valley High School boundary zone, can be found at https://mcpsweb.wufoo.com/forms/cluster-boundary-process-survey-2/

Who can take this survey? Anyone, including everyone in your household, even multiple parents and students. Just make sure that you are using unique devices like phones, laptops, desktops (only one survey per device).

The Clarksburg and Northwest communities have circulated their preferences for the survey and have completed thousands of these surveys so far. Now it is our turn! Please speak up and take the survey.

After greatly studying the options (and their consequences), we believe the survey responses below will best help the Seneca Valley cluster as a whole.


How important to you are the following factors when considering boundary reassignments?

  • Most Important: Demographic Characteristic of Student Population (Seneca Valley High School has the least socioeconomically diverse student body of the three high schools in the study.)
  • Somewhat Important: Geography (No one wants long bus rides.)
  • Least Important: Facility Utilization

Overall, which option do you believe most advances the Board of Education’s factor for Geography?

  • Most Advances: Option 11a (This option creates a uniform northern boundary for Seneca Valley High School.)
  • Somewhat Advances: Option 11 (Same as 11a, but does not provide relief for Northwest High School)
  • Least Advances: Option 4 (Breaks Seneca Valley into three distant islands)

Overall, which option do you believe most advances the Board of Education’s Demographic Characteristics of Student Population factor?

  • Most Advances: Option 4 (This is the only option attempting to equalize demographics, particularly poverty, of the three high schools.)
  • Somewhat Advances: Option 11a
  • Least Advances: Option 1 or Option 12

Overall, which option do you believe most advances the Board of Education’s factor for Facility Utilization? (This question is fairly irrelevant to Seneca Valley as all options will bring the new building to capacity.)

  • Most Advances: Option 11a
  • Somewhat Advances: Option 11
  • Least Advances: Option 1 or Option 2 (Neither option provides relief to Northwest High School.)

Please indicate your top three preferred options.

  • 1: Option 11a
  • 2: Option 11
  • 3: Option 4

[The only difference between Option 11a and Option 11 is 205 additional students (Germantown Elementary School) moved from Northwest to Seneca Valley, which would reduce capacity at Northwest from 125% to 117%.]

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